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Ready Your Iron Stomach, Beer Week Is Here

Later this morning, the Hammer of Glory will begin its slow, deliberate, Olympic torch-style trek all across the city, ending at the Independence Visitor Center for the official kick-off of Philly Beer Week 2013, the Opening Tap. And once that is complete, it’s basically a nine-day free-for-all full of brew debuts, tap takeovers, beer pairings, […]

Learn To Butcher With The Best Of ‘Em

As generations come and go, certain skills become a lost art. Quick, do you know anyone apprenticing to become a cobbler? Probably not. One of those fields that may be thinning out a bit is that of your neighborhood butcher. But hey, WHY CAN’T THAT BE YOU? This summer, Chef Josh Lawler of the Farm […]

Green Eggs Cafe Reopens (If You Give A Rat’s Ass)

There are a shitload of do’s and don’ts that go into opening and sustaining a successful restaurant venture, and most joints end up failing even if they stack the deck with more of the former than the latter. So high up on the list of don’ts that it may even be above the very first […]


You Need To Bid On These Items

This and this, that is. In the late eighteen hundreds some brewers brewed brew To drink in New England, with chowder or stew Twas called Narragansett, twas hoppy and rich But then prohibition, and ain’t that a bitch Still lagers and ales were medicinally brewed And prescribed by the mugful by doctors with food But […]

Whip Out Your Tuxes, The Vendy Awards Are Coming

The nominees have been chosen for the third annual Philadelphia Vendy Awards. Eighteen of the best food trucks will be competing for the coveted Vendy Cup, and you can get a piece of the action June 8th at Penn Treaty Park. Competitors are divided into two groups, Sweet and Savory, take a look. Sweet: >>>Cupcake […]


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