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Davio’s Wants To Serve You Boozy Granita, Or You Can Make It Yourself, They Don’t Seem To Mind

As the Sicilian brother-in-deliciousness to sorbet and water ice, granita is just the thing to really refresh you on a humid day like those we’ve been having non-stop. And just in case that humid day has also been a long day, Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse has made some homemade granita infused with booze, because you […]

Fridays At The Trestle Are For Backyard BBQs, Surf, And Soul

Well, that’s basically all of the information you need right there, other than FREE Happy Hour Whiskey Sours from 5PM to 7PM every Friday. Free whiskey drinks, go-go dancers, food, and great vibes? As long as the weather isn’t as totally shitty as it has been, this will be great.

Yards Would Like You To Join Them On July 5th, Because They Figure You’ve Got Plans On The Fourth

We’re only a week away from our nation’s Independence Day, so you’ve probably already got plans — likely involving BBQs, concerts, giant hoagies, patriotic hats, or all of the above. Yards Brewing gets it. They know it’s a big day. A less recognized day is July 5th, which beautifully falls on a Friday this year. […]


Bistro St. Tropez Offers A Slightly Less Obvious Fourth Of July Choice

With so many events happening in Philadelphia this year around July 4th, it’s getting easy to feel patriotically overwhelmed. If you’re staying around the city for the 4th, but looking for a more casually spirited event, Bistro St Tropez may be the place for you. Chef Patrice Rames is offering a specialty three course prix […]

A Phoodie Trip to Thailand Without Leaving Your Couch

Too broke to get away this summer? Take a visual trip to Thailand with Chef Alex Boonphaya of Circles, along with Philadelphia-based food, wine and travel reporter Brian Freedman. A native of Thailand, Chef Boonphaya is exploring serious street food and specialty delicacies all over The Land of Smiles. After starting in Bangkok, the next […]


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