Now Delivers In Pennsylvania Because You’re Fat AND Lazy is less than a year old and already it’s on solid food and it is offering delivery not just to the big mean cities, but the suburbs and the Alabama part of Pennsylvania as well:

While national companies such as Seamless and GrubHub offer this type of service in Philadelphia, they don’t offer it in places like State College and Erie. BringMeThat has said it wants to drive traffic to local restaurants in all size areas.

Co-founder Jason Liang was raised in a suburb of Cleveland, and like us in the northern sprawls that spilled out of Philadelphia, it was “hard to find out who actually will deliver to your address. I felt this was a problem not only for me, but for anyone who doesn’t live in a big city” A quick search by city shows that of BringMeThat’s 1999 restaurants in PA, 344 and 175 are in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh respectively. That means that means 1480 of them are scattered about the state and while we admit that eclectic food delivery was a gold starred item on our, “Why do you live in the city RGPCL”* and iron clad evidence in support of our “indignant elitism of city living’s urbane comforts” argument, as a suburban kid at heart, we can’t help but have slightly warmer cockles at the very idea of this idea.

Go ahead and tool around the site. Our quick look has anecdotally revealed that it seems slightly more user friendly and perhaps even a bit less costly than Seemless’s page. And yeah maybe as a Philadelphian we will no longer have 24 hour samosa delivery to hold over your suburban head, but today, while walking our dog we rebuffed a sparsely tooth gentleman seeking coins of ours. As we parted he thanked me for “nothing” and then insisted in a forceful tone that we “Enjoy your next meal.” You can’t get affability like that in the burbs, now can you?

*Rory Gilmore Pro/Con List

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