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Recipe Corner: Mazamorra Morada Es Mi Amigo

‘Coupla weeks ago, we ate (and drank) at Gunner’s Run. Served along side our beef ribs was a small ramakin of corn pudding that made us wish it was a large ramekin of corn pudding. The sweet notes and creamy texture of the pudding mingled with just enough whole kernels to provide that squeak in […]

Philadelphia Healthy Chinese Takeout Initiative Is A Good Thing

So Philadelphia has a thing called the Healthy Chinese Takeout Initiative, which does, at first seem as oxymoronic as the boneless ribs they are trying to desalinate. The thing is, it might be working. But before all you libertarians get your Bloombergs in a twist, know that this is not a legislative measure. The city […]

Lunch Break: You’re Doing It Wrong Edition

Well, Fuk Mi!


Whole Foods To Go All K-Mart Up In This Bitch

How old are you? Are you old enough to remember when it was called Kresge’s? If so, move along, you’re too old, go on the YouTubes and find a Blue Oyster Cult video, or maybe find a vaguely racist cartoon and forward it to your kids. Are you young enough to never remember a time […]

Dick Yuengling Calls Tom Corbett “A Great Man” Also Calls Yuengling Lager A “Great Beer”

Monday, speaking at the Pennsylvania Press Club, Dick Yuengling, President of the eponymous brewery founded by his ancestor Jebediah Yuengling called for Tom Corbett and the Pennsylvania congress to pass a “right to work” law. “Right To Work” laws forbid mandatory union membership as prerequisite to employment in union shops, and create a race to […]


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