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Supermarket Superstar: Finale (Finally) Edition

Shari Brodsky watches the TeeVee sos you don’t have to. It’s Over!!!! Erm, I mean, Finale!!! Well, we’ve been through a lot together and having watched the previews for Top Chef New Orleans I have glimpsed our future and all I can say is, Go Back. So now we’re at the Supermarket Superstar finale where […]

NFL Recipe Corner Week IV: Bucking Broncos Edition

So Sunday afternoon Peyton Manning is going to have his way with the Eagles secondary like a Jonas brother in a junior high. (Are the J-bros still a thing?) Searching for an appropriate recipe for Broncos’ week, one is tempted to make Rocky Mountain Oysters the featured protean. In fact, we’ve even featured the ball […]

Totally Scientificish Fishtown Pizza Experiment Part II: Premium II Pizzeria

A week or two ago we plucked Villagio from the overstuffed folder of pizza menus that have accumulated on our doorstep. Villagio’s offering was less than spectacular but we’re just getting started. Recently we selected random menu number two placed the same order; this time Premium II pizzeria 953 Tioga Ave. Spoiler alert: It was […]


It’s A Good Thing Gays Don’t Eat Carbs Anymore

By now your Facebook is exploding as everyone from your grandmother to your roller derby team reposts the dumbass comments by the dumbass fourth generation CEO of Barilla Pasta, Guido Barilla which is not just his name but his descriptor as well. Here’s what the einstein uttered into a microphone on an Italian radio show […]

Hora De Feliz En Bar Ferdinand Es Muy Delicioso

So the Spanish do this thing after their siesta, they nosh. It’s called Merienda. In that tradition, Bar Ferdinand is offering some killer drink specials and small plates Lunes a Viernes from 17:00 a 19:00. It’s called the Mirienda 4 for 4 it offers an assortment of Vinos, Sangria, Cervezas and Tapas for $4. $4 […]


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