America’s Favorite Diabetic, Racist, Apology Skirter To Be Comic Booked

a2079171410952ed6c3051_lJust yesterday Paula Deen dipped her necrotic toes in the waters of redemption, with the hope of ultimately convincing us, or more importantly network folks, that she, as an icon and espouser of the down home folksy southern culture in which she was raised, as a child of the south absorbed only the delicious food and sweet tea of that world and not its generations of life shattering social economic and psychological subjugation of an entire race of people that has soaked into every crevice of southern life like…like…idunno, spilled sorgum syrup in the larder or some shit.

And one day later comes this announcement:

Bluewater Productions proudly announces the addition of Paula Deen to their popular line of Female Force comic books. Written by Michael Troy with art by Manuel Diaz. Paula Deen has an interesting life with many ups and downs and Bluwater is happy to bring her tale to life in comic book form.

Female Force comics is a line of books form Bluewater Productions that features real life remarkable women such as Martha Stewart, Sonia Sotomayor Olivia Newton-John and Ann and Condoleezza Rice.

We have acquired a few preview pages and are positively giddy to run them below.







Now Bluewater says that their Paula Deen book was in the works long before the unpleasantness but obviously a few of the later pages were late additions. The Full Force Comics Paula Deen book is available over on iTunes, or your greasy fingers can smudge an actual paper copy here.

With the eprice set at $1.99 and the paper copy going for $3.99 these books are affordable so even the most niggardly of comic fans should have no problem forking over the dough.

Along with the titles already printed by Female Force, future biographies will include Laura Ingraham, The Queen of England, Helen Gurley Brown, Nancy Reagan and Mary Pickford.

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