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Rentenna Releases Food Delivery Heat Map Because Leaving Your New Apartment Defeats The Purpose Of A New Apartment

The Philly Food Delivery Heatmap by apartment ratings and data site Rentenna Yesterday, the apartment locating website Rentenna launched their food delivery heat map. Once you find a place in Rentenna’s database you can see all of the various amenities offered in proximity to your potential abode. From the over 2,000 restaurants in their database […]

Scrapplefest This Saturday At Reading Terminal Is Not Disgusting At All

Ok, not 30 minutes ago we posted about our intrepid ingestion abilities and the universe responded with a double-dog dare right in our inbox. Yeah, we’ve eaten bugs and balls and livers of geese and ducks and calves. We are also perpetually puffed with Philadelphia pride. So you would think we’d be counting the seconds […]

You’ll Eat Your Liver If You Don’t Eat Mica’s Liver

The ease with which one can remain carnivorous may be inversely proportional to the amount of empathy one can muster. If you are like us, unburdened by such emotions, you’re gonna wanna make it out to Chestnut Hill tonight for the last evening of Mica’s Foie Gras tasting. On this All Hallow’s Eve, your liver […]


Lunch Break: Eastern Brain Bloc Edition

Even if our eyes were gouged out by zombies or eaten by wolves or donated to a spooky kitchen, we would still love this clip. That voice.

Sriracha Sauce Could Become Hot Commodity If Plant Forced To Close

The residents of Irwindale, CA are crying with rage, or hot under the collar, or burned up, or some other hot saucy wordplay, is how lede sentences around the country are being constructed today. The beloved rooster sauce is irritating the fine folks who live near the two-year-old plant which roasts and emits the oily […]


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