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From The Sacks Of Wet Cement At Phoodie, Happy Thanksgiving Y’all.

“As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly”

Lunchbreak: Breaking Bread

From The Desk Of Adam Brodsky: Thanksgivingkkah? No Thanks(givingkkah).

There’s nothing wrong with observing a lunar calendar. Keeps you regular and in tune with your body’s cycles, am I right ladies? Nor is there anything wrong with keeping a solar calendar. Put a couple of big stones out in the yard and mark the sunrises and boom, you got yourself a year. Here’s the […]


Lunch Break: Strong Bad Fishcorn Bushes Edition

Top Chef: Is This Kosher?

Every week Shari Brodsky watches the teevee so’s you don’t have to. Top Chef is starting to live up to its name. The competition is getting steeper. We’re becoming familiar with not just the contestants’ style of food but also their process. Shirley gets loud, Stephanie stays focused, and btw has a wicked and dry […]


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