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Questlove On Top Chef: Good. Questlove and Padma, Racist on Twitter: Bad.

Every week, Shari Brodsky watches the teevee so’s you don’t have to. Last episode, Questlove dropped by, so you know that drumsticks were in the house. Unfortunately he and his new pal Padma went all Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and SuperQ had to issue an Twapology. Shari Brodsky is not a food critic. […]

From The Desk Of Adam Brodsky: Share A Meal With Whomever You Love

Regardless of who started it and who has now claimed it, having a season where one is encouraged to dish out some extra love upon loved ones and to gather and celebrate relationships and chart your progress through the progressive familial roles, is among the very best things the human experience has to offer. Institutions, […]

Today, Milkboy Is A Milkman

Twenty years ago, when Tommy Joyner came to Philadelphia from Columbia, South Carolina via New York City, his dream was to open a recording studio. Well, that studio spawned a venue which became a coffee shop which has now moved to the big city and become a full-grown restaurant. Formerly of Pumpkin and Lemon Hill, […]


Ducking Hypocrites

Nick Hamner wrote a very good piece. Without getting all ducked-up and mired too deeply in the dynastic shenanigans over at A&E, we’d still like to address a fundamental, gastro-hypocracy expressed by anyone who leads their life by, and judges others for falling short of, bullshit provisions written by some bronze-age tribes trying to consolidate […]

Lunch Break: Christmas Goose

We are not even sure if we’re posting this ironically. We’ve decided not to overthink it.


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