Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews Are Works Of Art, And Vice Versa: UPDATED


Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews are works of art in themselves. Like the classics, they stand the test of time in a recipe unchanged for generations and, often as that lonely package in the vending machine full of larger corporate chips and candies. Day after lonely day, no one bothers to press E-8 until you drop by one grey afternoon and find the little bars just as hard and chewy as the day they rolled off of the line in the Northeast. Goldenberg’s are one of the great things about Philadelphia and in that thought, we’re not alone.

Starting this week and lasting through most of 2014, a mixed media piece of artwork by Chaz Hampton will be displayed at various locations throughout the city. First up, City Hall? In front of Rocky? Independence Hall? Bob and Barbaras? Nope, better. The first stop on this citywide tour will be at Wallgreens, 1 South Broad St. Ok, so it’s not far from City Hall and we’re pretty sure Wallgreens sells Goldenbergs; both the milk chocolate, and as any meat-averse Philadelphia will tell you, The vegan-friendly dark chocolate chews.

Chaz Hampton’s vision for a piece of mixed-media art captures the legacy and spirit of collaboration between GOLDENBERG’S® PEANUT CHEWS® and the city of Philadelphia. The wood, paint, paper and ceramic commemorative artwork is about 2ft wide by 4ft tall, and weighs-in at nearly 26 pounds. The design features a silhouette of Philadelphia City Hall that is surrounded by alternating red, white and blue rays. The rays have dual purposes, first as a patriotic nod to the birthplace of America, and second as a reflection of the colors long associated with the brand. The rays are also layered with collaged historic and contemporary GOLDENBERG’S® PEANUT CHEWS® packaging and iconic Philadelphia imagery. The entire piece is framed with life-size ceramic casts of the nostalgic candy, which look good enough to eat!

Didja get that? The bite-size pieces framing the work are ceramic, so don’t try to bite’em. You may lose a tooth or two and be several pieces in before you realize that these are not the candies you had hoped.

The artwork will be on display at Wallgreens through the end of January 2014 and will then move two blocks south to The Kimmel Center where one hopes the temptation is not too great for members of the Philly Pops orchestra as it is very costly to remove molasses from a bassoon. After that you can check the Goldenberg’s Facebook page for subsequent locations. If you pose with the piece send it our way and we’ll make you (Philly Food Internet) Phamous.

UPDATE: Turns out, there was a bit of a kerfuffle over this artwork’s originality. read all about it here.

  • ambiguator

    How about credit where credit is due? That is unmistakeably Joe Boruchow’s rendering of City Hall Chaz is working with.

  • C Brunswicj

    Unbelievable. Shame on this artist for photoshopping Joe Boruchow’s work and claiming as his own and shame on Goldenberg’s for hiring a cheap substitute!

  • Wendy Wilkins Valdez

    Joe Boruchow ‏@JoeBoruchow14h

    @PeanutChews @Walgreens this Hampton guy misappropriated my work for this design. Please stop using it immediately!

    Joe knows and has asked them to stop.

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