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Buzzfeed’s Advertorial, Ten Best Philly Sandwiches Could Save You 15% Off Your Journalistic Ethics

Buzzfeed has declared the 10 best sandwiches in Philadelphia and double-score, the post is sponsored by Geico. Though we may strongly disagree with the smarmy synergy, we have fewer issues with the selections. Let us know what chu think.

Better Living Through The Chemistry Of Sriracha

Sriracha Brouhaha is not only our drag queen name, it’s also a decent moniker for the recent kerfuffle. First the factory was to be closed, because it was burning the eyes of its neighbors, then a movement to bring the plant here included, Mayor Nutter and friend of Philebrity, Councilman Jim Kenney, who wrote a […]

Lunch Break: White People Be Like This, Edition

Didjew know that the idiom, “Piece of Cake” stems from a dance slaves made up to mock their white masters? Neither did we. Now we do, and so do you. Also there’s a recipe at the end of this that looks bundtastic, so stick around.


Fredrick Douglass’ Mushy Memories

Somewhere between scouring and skimming chapter V of Fredrick Douglass‘ Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass by Fredrick Douglass, which you can order on Amazon, and have picked out of a bin for you by a wage-slave, we found this depressing paragraph detailing how slave children were fed in the same way, and often with […]

In Memoriam: Phoodie Senior Teevee Correspondent Shari Brodsky, 1970-2014

Earlier this month we lost one of our own. Senior Reality Television Correspondent, and Junior Real-Life Sister, Shari Brodsky’s plate was cleared for the last time: Hi, how’s it going? On February 8th, my dear sweet little sister was bugled home to Jesus. She lost or perhaps won her battle with life and now there […]


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