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SHARE Food’s Mara Natkins To Speak At Weaver’s Way Co-op Friday

Friday at 6pm in the Community Room, 555 Carpenter Lane adjacent to the Mt. Airy Weavers Way location, SHARE Food Program’s Director of Development, Mara Natkins will speak to any who have assembled. The SHARE Food Program. What is the SHARE Food Program? We’re glad you asked: The SHARE Food Program is a nonprofit organization […]

Entomophagy, Bitches!

At Phoodie, our past (and future) insect ingestions are well documented here, and photographed, here. This TEDio cleverly illustrates the point. We all need to get over the ick factor, and get to grubbin’ grubs for grub, bub.

Lunch Break: Never Buy Gribenes From A Mohel Edition

Never buy gribenes from a mohel. Look, you don’t have to eat a bowl of dicks, maybe just try one to be polite.


Here’s Some Good News: Farmer’s Markets Just Got Easier To Have

We love us some Farmer’s Markets. The $12 mushrooms, the tattooed guy behind the card table waiting for someone to ask him what’s so great about his roasted beans, that girl with the chunky glasses with a couple coolers full of raw goat’s milk and her aunt in the flowing crocheted sweater selling sandalwood soaps […]

UPDATED: Bistrot La Minette’s Avergne Tasting Menu Today And Tomorrow Will Provide A Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi

Tonight and tomorrow night, Bistrot La Minette is offering quite a deal. For just 35 clams, you can get yourself four courses of their regional Auvergne tasting menu. You want wine paired with that, just another 15 clams. That’s a pretty good deal for a french bistro, or a bistrot even. The Bistrot has a […]


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