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GWARbar Is Going To Be A Real Thing, Not Just Horse Hockey

So this is a real thing. Decades ago, we stumbled into our first GWARgasm. We were at the Troc to see Tesco Vee and The Meatmen who didn’t disappoint, but we ended up digging the headliners, GWAR. Maybe it was the unseasonably warm winter’s night, or maybe we were just drunk on all that stage […]

Lunch Break: Opening Salvo Edition

Remember, without the above technologies it would be Philly Unopened Beer Week.

The Health Food Diner – By Maya Angelou

Tonight, Maya Angelou is swirling around in the infinity Her essence constrained no longer By bone and sinew The slow entropy of age replaced with the Flash of corporal decay The body remaining is of a far greater value The single celled letters Strung into words Simple organisms That in community and harmony Create sentences […]


Right Now On Philebrity: Burn Food Not Books At The Free Library’s Culinary Literary Center

Over at Philebrity, you can read about The Culinary Literary Center brought to you by Jose Garces, Marc Vetri and The Free Library of Philadelphia.

Philly Beer Week App Begs The Question; How Did We Ever Get Drunk Without It?

The Philly Beer Week App actually looks helpful and comprehensive. The app is available for Anddroid or iPhone so regardless of which cult you embrace, you’re covered. A quick tool around the features reveals a simple and fairly elegant interface that allows you to search for events by venue, brewery, neighborhood, date, or the name […]


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