Frangelli’s Donnoli Is Delicious, But Should Be Called Cannonut

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The zeitgeist is in flux. Collectively it seems, we have shifted. Time was, you’d take some dough, fry it in hot oil, inject it with some sugary compote or creme, then powder or chocolate dip the sumbitch and boom, donut. It was good. It is good. But it turns out, it’s not enough. We have decided that these simple pastries sold by the dozen are not banging’ enough for today’s sophisticated face holes. First there was Dominique Ansel and his pretentious cronuttery, now joining the augmented donut ranks is the Donnoli, essentially a donut filled not with Bavarian creme or compote but with cannoli cheese.

The brain child of Frangelli’s Bakery deeeeeeeep in South Philly, the donnoli is straight up delicious. We popped in the other day and picked up a pair – because coming home with only one would probably lead to divorce – and let us tell you, they were good, like really good, like better than a donut good, and way better than a cronut, especially since you don’t have to get up at dawn and follow soup nazi style rules just to get one. But fascism aside, the donnoli is really tasty and here’s why.

We have always enjoyed cannoli filling, it’s sweet but not too sweet, it has a few chocolate chips, sometimes a hint of orange. It’s made of cheese. These are good things. Our biggest connolic issue has always been with the shell. Fried and crunchy, it’s usually too hard for forking and when bitten tends to crumble into shards which prove difficult. We have tolerated this because the filling was worth it, but now we see there is a better way. Just like those beagles, we now know it doesn’t have to be like this.

The donnoli is not only superior to a cannoli, it bests a donut as well, though for different reasons. We love filled donuts, but as we age, it becomes tougher to intake the vast amounts of sugars that we slurped in our youth. Bavarian creme, or compote filled donuts often give us a sugar headache. Well the Donnoli’s cheese filling is much less sweet and really tastes grown up, or as grown up as you can feel eating a 500 calorie donut for breakfast.

We are converts and fans and will make the donnoli an occasional treat in our food pyramid, or our plate or in whatever shape FLOTUS recommends our dietary metric embody. In fact, we’d love to see the pastry not just offer an alternative to a mooring treat, but served as an apré dinner treat in lieu of trad cannoli. Were we to make one suggestion, it would be a re-appelation. We just feel there is more euphony to be had in a cannonut, than in a donnoli, but either way, we’re a fan.

Oh, we feel a caveat is in order, we were only able to eat half a pastry at a sitting but exemplifying the persistence of Sisyphus, we made several more visits to the pastry box on the kitchen table and were able to finish the treat by day’s end.

Frangelli’s makes a few hundred of these every morning so you should stop down and get one.

847 W Ritner St, Philadelphia, PA 19148
Phone:(215) 271-7878

  • Dadie Host

    Is the Frangelli’s Bakery the best business ever made? Yes, though that
    shouldn’t come as a surprise. Frangelli’s Bakery took a good product and
    made it better through their policy upgrades.

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