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Lunch Break: Drag Queen, Chik-Fil-A Edition

Someday, somebody’s gonna make you wanna gobble on up up on a waffle fry But no go, don’t you know, Chik-Fil-A say, you’ll make the baby Jesus cry!

Fishtown NoLibs Penn’s Landing Restaurant Week August 1-10 Will Destroy Democracy, America

In the distant future, grad students, if there still are such things, will scratch their heads and chuckle bemusingly at us, as we did generations before, as grad students studying the folly of the last days of Rome. How could they not see suicide path on which they deliberately trod? Could they not see that […]

Sketch Burger Search Leads To Burger Sketch

Whilst searching (unsuccessfully) for a video clip of the latest episode of the Travel Channel’s Food Paradise offering, which features our own lil Sketch Burger, we stumbled upon this webisode. Whenever you hear the word Williamsburg think Fishtown and you get the idea.


Lunch Break: Weaponized Meats Edition

If you’re looking for a video that has everything, this is the video for you… if everything = wieners in calipers, the Phanatic, ballistic tests Chris Wheeler and a Hatfield sampler of Hoagiemouth.

Chhaya Cafe’s Cheesesteak Waffle Is Only Acceptable Within The Confines Of The Delaware Valley

In one of Kurt Vonnegut’s later works, Bluebeard, Rabo Karebekian goes on and on about how the abstract expressionists were able to break all those rules because they had mastered them and in some cases, invented them in the first place. It’s been a while since we read that book but we think that’s how […]


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