Prime Stache Pop-up Will Smoke Your Spice Or Vice-Versa


Tomorrow night The You’ve Changed bar group is popping into Prime Stache to pop-up a pop-up. The event, “Smoke & Spice: Cocktails from the Devil’s Cookbook” will feature smoky and spice cocktail creations as well as food and music. Dig:

You’ve Changed is a pop-up bar concept that bartenders Brian Kruglak, Derek Moorer and Anna Henderer of The Ranstead Room devised as a means to provide the city of Philadelphia with sporadic, fun one-of-a-kind bar experiences. The Smoke & Spice event will be their second pop-up bar, following the successful Mad-Libs themed bar last April.

The event will feature a handcrafted cocktail menu of five smoky and five spiced libations. Guests will also be invited to “smoke” or “spice” their own cocktails or liquors with their choice of woods to burn or peppers to add to their drinks, keeping with you’ve changed’s idea that cocktails should be fun and involve both the bartender and guest in a collaboration.

The pop-up bar will be open from 6:00 pm to 2:00 am and all cocktails on the menu will be $11, with an additional $1 up-charge for any customized smoked or spiced drinks. Which really means all the drinks are $12, ’cause why would you schlep out to the Smoke and Spice pop-up and order an unsmoked or unsliced cocktail? You’re not that guy. Don’t be that guy. Beer and food from Prime Stache will be available, as well. Be the guy who eats and drinks the smoky delish. That’s the guy you wanna be. Be that guy.

Prime Stache
110 Chestnut st.
Philadelphia, PA

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