Fishtown NoLibs Penn’s Landing Restaurant Week August 1-10 Will Destroy Democracy, America

nightout_logorevised_20140729In the distant future, grad students, if there still are such things, will scratch their heads and chuckle bemusingly at us, as we did generations before, as grad students studying the folly of the last days of Rome. How could they not see suicide path on which they deliberately trod? Could they not see that all the vomitoria and slavery and corruption was unsustainable? Did they really think that the Vandals and Visigoths would be forever held at bay with meager scraps and the lip-service paid to them in the form of “Roman Citizenship, Of A Sort”? The blame for the crumbling of the republic lies with all who idly watched. Yeah, that’s what the’ll say about Legitimate Rape and hot sister on brother action and yes, Restaurant Week.

We all know that Restaurant Weeks are problematic at best, and a waste of everybody’s time and money at worst, and yet they are reproducing like a goddamn virus. Just as we all know that corporations and the billionaires who run them are ruining the republic, we are unable to stop their metastasization and it’s a pretty good bet that they will take the United States of America and representative democracy with them as they drag the greatest governmental experiment ever conceived back with them into feudalism and eventually the very premature death of the planet itself.

But that doesn’t mean a night out in the Fish for $35 couldn’t be fun. Right around Halloweeen, our first semester freshman roommate realized that he had dropped way more classes than he had added and was failing both of the 101 classes that were left on his schedule. With the freeing glee of a short term future decided, Crash – his real name lost to the mists of time – enjoyed and relished his last weeks of higher learning with the gusto of condemned man digging into the steak and lobster quesadillas provided him by the warden. And that is how you should dig into restaurant week in Fishtown, NoLibs and Penn’s Landing.

Neighborhood Eateries to Offer Three-course, Prix-fixe Menus for Lunch and Dinner

PHILADELPHIA – Attention all Philly foodies—there’s a new restaurant week in town. “Night Out Restaurant Week,” which will run from Friday, Aug. 1 until Sunday, Aug. 10, features 14 participating restaurants across the Fishtown, Northern Liberties and Penn’s Landing sections of the city.

From Aug. 1–10, participants will offer three courses per person for a set price. Lunches will cost either $10 or $20, while dinners will cost either $25 or $35. All restaurants will offer a dinner option, while select restaurants will offer lunch.

Participating restaurants include:
· Bar Ferdinand – $35 dinner
· Chart House – $35 dinner
· Circles Contemporary Thai Cuisine (Northern Liberties) – $25 dinner
· Darling’s Diner – $20 lunch; $35 dinner
· El Camino Real – $10 lunch; $25 dinner
· Il Cantuccio – $35 dinner
· Jerry’s Bar – $35 dinner
· Keating’s River Grill – $20 lunch; $35 dinner
· Lloyd – $25 dinner
· Moshulu – $20 lunch; $35 dinner
· The Pickled Heron – $35 dinner
· The Refinery – $20 lunch; $35 dinner
· Ristorante La Veranda – $20 lunch; $35 dinner
· Taste – $35 dinner

You can dig the Complete menu offerings and reservation information over at  Night Out Restaurant Week.

Who is puppet-master of this sumbitch you ask? Why the magnanimous gonnifiem over at Sugar House:

“We’re happy to organize this for the community and shine a spotlight on our neighborhood,” Wendy Hamilton, general manager of SugarHouse Casino, said. “There are a ton of fantastic spots here, and we saw an opportunity to help showcase what they’ve got. If you haven’t been to one of these restaurants before and have been wanting to try them—now’s your chance!”

So, embrace the nihilism, the prix fixeness of it all and our eventual asian overlords, and remember, “Don’t blame us, we voted for Kodos.

  • Dirk

    Who wrote this article? A 16 year old with downs?

  • Mike McGettigan

    Dirk, it’s a food blog, chill. And, yes, I know it’s the jiviest sort of inter web put-down, but use hyphens and capitalize Downs.

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