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Baseball And Brie, Together At Last At Gunners Run

To us, the best part about dining at Gunners Run in the Piazza is that you can sit outside and be really friggin’ close to that giant TV on the wall of Schmidts Brewery. Since Kabletown has hoarked up this whole berg and has removed even the Sunday afternoon Phillies games from broadcast TV – […]

Independence Hall Beer Garden Are Awesome Words Made Awesome-er When Arranged In That Order

This country was founded by a bunch of brilliant nouveau-aristocratic gentlemen farmers/smugglers who hated taxes and sobriety. Also, the water back then could kill you. But walking around half in the bag, was not only commonplace but downright American. Also, it was hot as canvas-breech-swaddled balls much of the time and just being indoors would […]

Pregaming And Positive July 4th Vibes With Spodee, ‘Gansett, Little Baby’s, The Dapper Dog, And America

Still have no plans for July 4th? It won’t fill your night up, but at the very least Garden Variety is offering a July 4th pregaming event from 4pm-8pm. For $5 at the door, there will be plenty of Spodee and Narragansett for everyone, and food from Dapper Dog and Little Baby’s Ice Cream. See […]


A Dolla Will Definitely Make Us Holla On Baltimore Ave!

Y’all know the saying, “more bang for your buck”? Well this upcoming event on Baltimore Avenue will help you put that to test with the return of the Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll, happening on June 13th and September 12th from 5:30 – 8 PM. University City will be alive with the sounds of quarters, single […]

Say “Ciao Bella” And “Bottoms Up” To May, For June Is For Beer And Italians!

It seems that East Passyunk Avenue remains to be one of the hot spots for early summer shenanigans, since we here at Phoodie have two upcoming events to sink your teeth into. On June 2nd, starting at 11 AM, EPA will be hosting two festivals, Craft Beer Day to kick of Philly Beer Week, and […]


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