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So Wrong It’s Right (And Then It’s Wrong Again): Lorenzo’s Pizza Apparel

A lazy weekend stroll to the venerable Lorenzo & Sons revealed this prized artifact of modern urban warfare: The Lorenzo’s t-shirt line. A very perverse part of us nearly bought both designs until we realized they were done in late-80s “coed naked lacrosse” style, with a small logo on the front corner and the good […]

Does God Cry Or Laugh When A Pretty Girl Eats 33 Tacos In 9 Minutes?

So wrong it’s right, or so right it’s wrong? Lisel Parillon is all like, “Oooh-wee, what up with that.” UPenn Grad Student Lisel Parillon (pictured) completed the Drinker’s Triple Crown taco challenge last Thursday, thereby winning free drinks at all three Drinker’s locations for a year, and scaring the living hell out of anyone who […]

The Only Slushie That Comes With The Risk Of Heart Failure/Clothing Loss

We don’t know why we’re telling you this. We were pretty hopeful that this stuff would be gone by now. Nonetheless, the saccharine, cough-syrupy taste of Four LOKO is unfortunately still in Philly’s mouth. This Friday (and the Friday after that, etc…) you can experience the Four LOKO Slushie (in cranberry-lemonade, orange, or grape) at […]


Someone Famous Went Somewhere Once (Maybe): Guy Fieri At Good Dog (Baaarf)

Supposedly, overgrown dude-bro extraordinaire Guy Fieri of Food Network “fame” is supposedly at Good Dog on 15th street RIGHT NOW, filming a bit for his show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. We at Phoodie HQ would like to ask: Since when is Good Dog a diner, a drive-in, or a dive? Not that we think those […]

Vitamin Water Ruled Not Healthy By Federal Judge; No Word On Whether Ruling Considers Addition Of Vodka

A federal judge in New York ruled last week that Vitamin Water does not, as their cheeky labels allege, keep you “healthy as a horse” or induce a “healthy state of physical or mental being.” Judge John Gleeson of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York ruled that, because Vitamin […]


Funtoxicate Me Now

In exciting news from the app world: Drunk drivers can, for just $0.99, buy a friend who isn’t going to leave with that cute bartender, ply them with drinks, or sloppily assure them that their fairly diagonal approximation of wobbling a straight line is “good enough.” Nope, now with the Funtoxication App for iPhone and […]

Service Industry Workers Unite to Complain About Their Jobs

Do you hate your service industry job and need a place to vent your complaints, affirm (or in some cases disprove) that they are actually complaint-worthy and/or read about how much worse other people’s jobs are than yours? Well then, Sketchjob’s Restau-RANT is the online forum for you. The ground rules: Posts must be associated […]

It’s Paula Deen Livestream Y’all

Paula Deen’s nationwide cooking contest “The Real Women of Philadelphia” ends this week with a final live event in Savannah, Ga. that y’all Deen disciples can watch online on June 30 at 8 p.m. (or if you were really devoted, you already ordered tickets to join her in-person at the sold-out Lucas Theatre in Savannah). […]

If You Do Not Appreciate The Beauty Of This Photo Op, You Are Gastronomically Dead Inside

Apparently, Tony Luke Jr. and Ms. Paula Deen made friends at the Great American Food & Music Festival at The New Meadowlands this past weekend. Ignoring for the moment that the background of this image has been Photoshopped out for some curious reason, ponder with us for a moment the possible food combinations (that are […]

Citizens Bank Park Tops PETA’s List (In A Good Way)

For the fourth consecutive year, PETA has named Citizens Bank Park America’s number one vegetarian-friendly major league stadium in a statement issued by the group last week. Vegetarian offerings include veggie burgers, veggie dogs, mock crab cakes, hummus and pita chips, and fresh fruit. The park even offers vegetarian twists on a sacred Philly favorite: […]

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