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Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Pizza Wolf?

Pizza Wolves at KFN from Hillary R on Vimeo. As Philly comedian Hillary R recently revealed at Kung Fu Necktie, “You get to be a pizza wolf if you can eat Lazaro’s large cheese pizza in less than 30 minutes, and if you do that, you get ‘sliced in.’” It’s kind of an urban myth, […]

Presented Without Comment: Your Old Pal, Cookie Puss

And don’t forget HUG ME THE BEAR.

7-11 Dabbles In Veganism

It’s a little ridiculous, some of the things that people boast are vegan, like Oreos. Seriously? So, no animals, no dairy, but it’s cool to pump your guts full of fat and refined sugar? That’s not to say that all vegans believe in this, but we can count at least a handful that have brought […]


Who Hears The Cries Of The Lonesome Old City Shitty-Restaurant Greeters?

We do. For in these recessionary times, Restaurant Greeters are the new homeless: Ignored, spat-upon (well, maybe, probably if it’s a weekend night in Old City) and generally just more desperate than even you or I. Since we’ve relocated to Old City, we’ve noticed that these greeters/hostesses line the streets here, trying hawk up business […]

St. Practice Daze At McGillin’s

What? You didn’t realize it is halfway to St. Patrick’s Day? Well, McGillin Olde Ale House (1310 Drury Street) didn’t forget. They have dubbed September 24 & 25 “St. Practice Daze” so you can keep up your training for the real holiday in March. Complete with green beer, live music, and Irish food, this green […]


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