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Bar Ferdinand Offering Asian Inspired Tapas For Chinese New Year This Friday

Chef David Ansill – whose goofy mug makes us wanna go play hackysack on the quad – is quite fond of Chinese food and culture; so much so that this friday he’s offering up a special seven-course meal of Chinese inspired tapas: Bar Ferdinand’s Chinese New Year Menu Seven Courses for $45 per person (plus […]

Dunkin’ Donuts Served Coffee Black(faced)

So, in Thailand Dunkin’ Donuts serves this charcoal donut, so to promote said confection they chose, wait for it…blackface. Y’know cause charcoal. Cultural mistranslations are sometimes a cost of doing international bidness. For instance, we all know that a loose translation of this show means that Joanie Loves Penis. Just a few months ago, there […]

A Phoodie Trip to Thailand Without Leaving Your Couch

Too broke to get away this summer? Take a visual trip to Thailand with Chef Alex Boonphaya of Circles, along with Philadelphia-based food, wine and travel reporter Brian Freedman. A native of Thailand, Chef Boonphaya is exploring serious street food and specialty delicacies all over The Land of Smiles. After starting in Bangkok, the next […]


Get A Sneak Preview Of Ela’s Super Bowl Wings Tonight Only!

If, unlike Wing Bowl contestants, you like savoring the taste of chicken wings, trying new and different flavors of chicken wings, and you aren’t generally a total food jock, you will definitely be interested in getting over to Ela tonight to taste their preview batch of honey-smoked Siracha wings. We say preview batch because honey-smoked […]

Sampan’s New Summer Menu Sounds Almost As Great As Its New Drink Menu

Chef Michael Schulson’s experiment in Asian fusion, Sampan, has revitalized its summer menu with new offerings, including vegetarian, gluten, and soy-free options. Some additions to the menu include Vietnamese Beef Noodles, Corn Satay with coconut, lime and togarashi and BBQ Pork Summer Roll with carrots and glass noodle. On top of that, for $45 per […]


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