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From The Desk Of Adam Brodsky And The D’oh Files: Culturally Insensitive Jackass, Your Table For One Is Ready

Couple weeks ago, I found this cool video of the homemade Cambodian desserts at Koliyan. I posted the video and made a little crack about how “Cambodian Just Desserts” sounds like a the text of a memo from the desk of Richard Nixon, or something, and then I casually typed the headline “Pol Pot Stickers.” […]

Salt Lake Elementary School Literally Takes Food Out Of Children’s Mouths Because Parents Owe Money

Lunchroom justice, Utah Style: At Uintah Elementary, around forty students who’s lunchroom balances were in the red, had their lunches taken from them and thrown in the trash. Seriously: Jason Olsen, a Salt Lake City District spokesman, said the district’s child-nutrition department became aware that Uintah had a large number of students who owed money […]

Geniuses At Hennessey Send Press Release Touting MLK Day Drink Recipes

In addition to being the spirit of choice if you’re thinking about fucking with Taylor Swift, it turns out the rapperiffic Cognac is also the best way to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Hennessey’s shilling company, Pivotal PR sent out a press release this morning touting “Mixed Drinks MLK Jr. Would […]


Ducking Hypocrites

Nick Hamner wrote a very good piece. Without getting all ducked-up and mired too deeply in the dynastic shenanigans over at A&E, we’d still like to address a fundamental, gastro-hypocracy expressed by anyone who leads their life by, and judges others for falling short of, bullshit provisions written by some bronze-age tribes trying to consolidate […]

Clueless Mainline Dipshit Wants Free Food On Christmas

Philebrity has already linked to the Romanesko report of CEO, Sarah Lockhard’s ham fisted attempt to get free Christmas dinner for her family of 5 in exchange for 5 Instagram photos to her 559 followers. As you might guess, she’s being crucified in the comments sections of these posts, and far be it for […]


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