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Lunch Break: Mmmm, Bacon Science Edition

Chillax dudes, it’s just hydrocarbons all up in your olfactory. Smoky, mapley salty sweet props to for da knowledge and da chart below.

Cedar Point Constructs Entire Menu Around Bacon. Go Give Them Hugs

We just told you bout He’Brew Night in Manayunk. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, in what was once the least Jewish part of the entire city, The Cedar Pointer Sisters will be makin’ bacon. Every Thursday they serve a menu inspired by one seasonal or unique ingredient: Past featured ingredients have included pumpkin, […]

Philadelphians Are That Dog From The Beggin’ Strips Commercial, Basically

Philadelphia has been praised as a great city for many things — parks, beer, sandwiches, etc. — but according to Estately, Philly also owns the title of the Best Bacon City in America. What do they have to say? “Like an overstuffed piñata, Philadelphia is postively bursting with bacon. They slip it in cheesesteaks, create […]


Treat Your Mama (And Yo Self)

Do you love bacon? Do you love your mama? SoWe Bar & Kitchen chef Jenn Choplin does too and she’s celebrating with a “Mother’s Day Bacon Brunch” on Sunday, May 12th. (Don’t forget the date folks! It is Mother’s Day after all.) Alongside the traditional brunch menu, there will be several bacon themed dishes. Check […]

Pig Out With Your Favorite Food Truck On National Pig Day

Christmas has come early, our fellow Americans. That’s right, March 1st is National Pig Day. Don’t ask why, all we know is that there’s gonna be bacon, and lots of it. In honor of National Pig Day, select food trucks around Philly will be by adding limited time only dishes doused with Maker’s Mark Bourbon […]


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