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Clueless Mainline Dipshit Wants Free Food On Christmas

Philebrity has already linked to the Romanesko report of CEO, Sarah Lockhard’s ham fisted attempt to get free Christmas dinner for her family of 5 in exchange for 5 Instagram photos to her 559 followers. As you might guess, she’s being crucified in the comments sections of these posts, and far be it for […]

Brooklyn Has Taken It Too Far, As Expected

This coming weekend, The Great GoogaMooga Festival is taking place in Brooklyn, and apart from a really awful name, it’s your standard food-festival fare. There will be food, drink, and live music. Really nothing to write home about. Except the New York Times wrote home about it. The festival features The Roots and a Van […]

Strange and Wonderful Culinary Innovations

Or maybe not wonderful at all. You be the judge. After reading Drew Lazor‘s City Paper cover story on Philly pizza (lede: “The pizza in Philly sucks.”), we’ll admit we’ve had slices on the brain. But if you’re still not convinced about our city’s dough (apparently, it’s all about the water, man), there’s an alternative […]


C-List Celebrity Wine Gone Wild

And now, the latest from the 85th greatest hard rock band of all time, WhiteSnake: A wine for all your hot tub jolly needs. The marketing can’t be beat: “It’s a bodacious, cheeky little wine, filled to the brim with the spicy essence of sexy, slippery Snakeyness … I recommend it to complement any & […] Predicts The Future: Forthcoming Claims To Be Made In Future Stephen Starr Press Releases

We know, we know: It’s a little petty, but we’re still a little bit miffed about yesterday’s Stephen Starr’s press release claim that, essentially, Philly has never seen a real-deal mixology/high-end cocktail joint when hello, throw a rock around here and you’ll hit one. We went to the staff counselor in a tizzy (“Again?,” […]


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