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Phoodie Recipe Corner: Lord Baltimore Cake, Shrugging Off The Yolk Of Oppression

So, what exactly is Lord Baltimore Cake? We’re glad you asked because we just did like 10 minutes of research into this cake of which we’ve heard but never bothered to learn about. Here’s the folklore; and as you know, if some folklorist said it, then it’s pravda. So Lord Baltimore was Governor of Maryland […]

Chhaya Cafe Introduces Warmer Winter Brunch

Once February gets here it always seems like the spring is so close, but the worst is usually still to come. We’re certainly not out of the winter yet, and Varnana Beuria, chef and owner of Chhaya Cafe in East Passyunk seems to have figured out what Philadelphians need: more warm food and drink to […]

From The Department Of FINALLY: Metropolitan Bakery To Open Cafe!

Yes, after years of selling their delicious bread all over the city, to stores and restaurants, Metropolitan Bakery has finally decided to open a Metropolitan Cafe featuring seating, at 264 S. 19th street near their flagship bakery at 19th and Manning. Chef James Barrett, the head baker and co-owner of Metropolitan Bakery wants to keep […]


Get Your Heatmiser Cupcakes At Tattooed Mom Tomorrow!

We weren’t sure whether to keep this to ourselves or tell you all about it, but that’s what we do, so here it is. Tomorrow January 31st, Tattooed Mom will be serving up special Heatmiser Cupcakes, baked by Cookie Confidential. You may already be familiar with the Heatmiser, the cocktail that Tattooed Mom bartender Adrian […]

Try, And Share, Some New Holiday Pies From Magpie

Magpie Artisan Pie Boutique, which makes pies both sweet, as in butterscotch bourbon pie, and savory, as in black bean chorizo chili pie, has announced a new pie special for the holidays, one that certainly qualifies as sweet. Fresh for the holiday season, Magpie baker Holly Ricciardi has cooked up a deep fudge brownie pie […]


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