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Free Beer At WokWorks Works For Us

Leaving aside adages advising one gets that for which one has paid, every Wednesday this summer, WokWorks wants to treat you to a tall cold Kirin and some great deals on the grub. Starting tomorrow July 9th, every wednesday between 17:00 and 22:00 (or till the keg is kicked) Wokworks specials include: $2 slider buns […]

Trolley Car Diner Serving Up Two Beer Week Events

Coupla pretty chill, low key, beer week events at the Trolley Car Diner in Mount Airy. First, just a few hours from now at 6pm, Andrew Taggert will be mansplaining craft beer to youse guys. Taggert is the “Craft Beer Authority” at Shangy’s in Emmaus. Shangy’s touts itself as “The Beer Authority,” so that makes […]

Philly Beer Week App Begs The Question; How Did We Ever Get Drunk Without It?

The Philly Beer Week App actually looks helpful and comprehensive. The app is available for Anddroid or iPhone so regardless of which cult you embrace, you’re covered. A quick tool around the features reveals a simple and fairly elegant interface that allows you to search for events by venue, brewery, neighborhood, date, or the name […]


Pizza And Beer; Together At Last This Sunday On East Passyunk Ave

What’s better than an East Passyunk Craft Beer Festival? An EPCBF plopped right on top of and East Passyunk Italian National Day Festival. Yup, to kick off Philly Beer Week, to celebrate “La Festa Della Repubblica” and to mark the opening of the History of Italian Immigration Museum, starting at 11am, the East Passyunkers will […]

Salted Plum Beer Not A Euphemism This Weekend At CoZara

Hey, can you hand pick some Japanese plums from a certain orchard and then soak them in a special sea salt called Mo-shio for like, six months, then can you add them to Hitachino Nest White Ale in order to create a Hitachino Anbai Plum Wheat Ale? Yeah, neither can we. In fact, almost nobody […]


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