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Treat Your Mama (And Yo Self)

Do you love bacon? Do you love your mama? SoWe Bar & Kitchen chef Jenn Choplin does too and she’s celebrating with a “Mother’s Day Bacon Brunch” on Sunday, May 12th. (Don’t forget the date folks! It is Mother’s Day after all.) Alongside the traditional brunch menu, there will be several bacon themed dishes. Check […]

Here’s Lookin’ At You, PE6

There’s a new joint opening up in town that’s bound to bring a little class to the scene. Pennsylvania 6, or PE6, is the newest venture from chef Marc Plessis and owner Gary Cardi. The pair took their inspiration from infamous post-Prohibiton days at New York’s Hotel Pennsylvania by re-creating the dark and lush atmosphere […]

Bartenders Gone Wild: Bourbon Edition

Ok … so the title of this post may be a little misleading — no bodacious babes displaying their, ahem, bosoms, to the world — but this event sounds pretty wild indeed. On March 27th from 6-9PM, the Trestle Inn will be hosting the First Annual Bourbon Battle, where four bartenders from Philly joints (Time, […]


Bourbon Beard: An Ongoing Guide To Eating Whiskey

Vodka sauce and beer & cheese soup aside, few things are as primordially satisfying as cooking with whiskey. In this ongoing series of posts, we’ll explore food recipes and products that involve that most magical of boozes. First up? Bourbon Pie. This recipe is a doozy: A chocolaty, marshmallow-y delight that may get you pretty […]

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