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Unhealthy Obsession Of The Moment: Dutch Pantry

This post on Philebrity today about Harrisburg’s fiscal woes has led us down an Internet wormhole into all things Dutch Pantry. We are frightened, yet curious. Anybody ever been to one of these? Surely, you must have stories.

Brain Trust: Where Should The “Satellite Office” Be?

If you’ve been following our big bro site Philebrity the last few days, you’ll already know that we’ve moved lock, stock and barrel to Old City, where an embarrassment of lunch options is already making us giddy with glee. However, a more pressing question looms: Which Old City bar should be our default meeting space/bonding […]

Brain Trust: How Does Chickie’s & Pete’s Make That Heavenly Cheesey Goo Sauce?

Here at Phileb/Phoodie HQ, suffice it to say that OUR HEADS ARE IN THE GAME. Having had a wonderful and delicious Black Taco Buffet for the Phils Vs. Dodgers playoffs games last week, tonight, we’re preparing a more down-home favorite: Crab Fries made in the grand old Chickie’s & Pete’s style. And we must admit, […]


Readers Write: We Can’t Believe She Used It All!

Hats off to Phoodie reader Lisa Fernandez, who responded to our call yesterday for a little Summer Bounty Show-N-Tell with this concoction, which, we’re guessing used everything she grew. Quoth Lisa: “My ‘summer pie‘ with arugula… A mash up of summer deliciousness in unmeasured form… Layer yellow and green zukes, Russian banana fingerlings, yellow and […]

Brain Trust: Show Us Thine Bounty

Calling all area gardeners: If you live in the Philadelphia and have an edible garden, we want to hear from you. Growing bunches of scallions to save on money? Have an assortment of herbs or tomatoes exploding in your backyard? Or maybe you have a crop of kale and pumpkins in a community garden? Whatever […]


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