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Sketch Burger Search Leads To Burger Sketch

Whilst searching (unsuccessfully) for a video clip of the latest episode of the Travel Channel’s Food Paradise offering, which features our own lil Sketch Burger, we stumbled upon this webisode. Whenever you hear the word Williamsburg think Fishtown and you get the idea.

Mark Vetri And Shake Shack? Sure, Why Not?

Though there have been (intestinal) rumblings regarding the managerial bowel loosening properties of certain Shake Shack locations, the Philadelphia jawns have thus far remained above the foamy fray. Assuming that a hamburger excursion won’t require the clearing of the day’s schedule so you can hone your Candy Crush skillz, starting tomorrow and continuing through June […]

Burger King Drops “Have It Your Way” Slogan After Four Decades

So, Burger King is ditching it’s 40-year-old slogan, “Have It Your Way” in favor of the vaguely rainbowy, but grammatically clumsy, “Be Your Way.” According to the Burger King’s courtiers up at HQ, the new slogan is to remind people, “they can and should live how they want anytime. It’s ok to not be perfect […]


Wahlburgers To Be New Kid On The Block In Philadelphia

So apparently Marky Mark has some brothers and those brothers have a burger shop and that burger shop has a reality show on A&E. We have seen exactly zero of these episodes and do sincerely hope to die with that number intact. But, it is our sacred duty to honor the oath we took when […]

PYT’s Beerger Actually Not Disgusting

So PYT is up to their usual shenanigans. This week they are offering the Beerger, a burger topped with Fried Pabst. “Fried Pabst?” “Yes, Fried Pabst.” “How the…” “Here’s how, according to their Instagram: Listen Up boys and girls these are our steps to frying Pabst Blue Ribbonbeer… Step 1: Freeze the Beer. Step 2: […]


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