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From The Desk Of Adam Brodsky And The D’oh Files: Culturally Insensitive Jackass, Your Table For One Is Ready

Couple weeks ago, I found this cool video of the homemade Cambodian desserts at Koliyan. I posted the video and made a little crack about how “Cambodian Just Desserts” sounds like a the text of a memo from the desk of Richard Nixon, or something, and then I casually typed the headline “Pol Pot Stickers.” […]

Chinatown Week On Phoodie: More Than Joy Tsin Lau And Sang Kee

Everyone loves Chinatown. We’ve decided to celebrate our crush on the Chinahood this week, ALL WEEK. While it’s hard to find bad food between Market Street and the Expressway, we’ll turn you on to the best of the best, and the most unique. We’re not just talking restaurant reviews either, son. We’re going food shoppin’, […]

Readers Write: Welcome To Cambodia-Town

“Most people know about Chinatown and maybe even Koreatown, but did you know about Cambodia-town? I had lunch today at the New Phnom Penh Restaurant at 7th and Wolf. Its kind of an eastern greasy-spoon, and their english is limited (at best), but I would definitely recommend it. The soup is Pho-ish, with an emphasis […]


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