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All Things Rum

Adam Kanter (owner and mixologist of Rum Bar) is bringing in Paul Francis Yellin (chef, rum expert) for something they’re calling Rum Fusion. There are two separate menus seating at two different times on Wednesday, August 18th; the concept is fancy rum and Carribean food. The pairings include Sugar Cane Speared Drunken Chicken with Watermelon […]

You Put De’ Wine In De’ Coconut, And Drink Em’ Both Up

The drunktastic Rum Bar is having a special wine dinner Wednesday, November 5th to celebrate their new all-South American grape juice listings. Don’t get it twisted: South American wine is no joke. We’d sooner roll the dice on a value-priced bottle from Chile or Argentina than anywhere else in the world. They’re a developing wine region with limited international […]

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