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catFood: Creme Brulee

Cat Santamauro makes a Restaurant Week staple look so simple and sexy.

catFood: Mmmmmmm. Doughnuts.

Cat Santamauro loves doughnuts almost as much as we do. Let’s hear it for the jelly-filled kind.

catFood: Cherry Rum Cake

Cat Santamauro ‘brought the crowd to its knees’, says Rick Nichols of The Inky, with this recipe. Like a really bad magician, she gives up her secrets after the jump.


catFood: Baked Brie With Apple Crisps

Cat Santamauro loves cheese, apples, and all of you. To celebrate, she shares her recipe for homemade Baked Brie and Apple Crisps. Yumminess ensues after the jump.

catFood: Thanksgiving Week 3

Cat Santamauro gets sweet with her third Thanksgiving recipe. After Game Hen and Pumpkin Gnocchi, you really didn’t think she’d make a pie now, did you? Let’s get our Trifle on.


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