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Mark Vetri And Shake Shack? Sure, Why Not?

Though there have been (intestinal) rumblings regarding the managerial bowel loosening properties of certain Shake Shack locations, the Philadelphia jawns have thus far remained above the foamy fray. Assuming that a hamburger excursion won’t require the clearing of the day’s schedule so you can hone your Candy Crush skillz, starting tomorrow and continuing through June […]

Right Now On Philebrity: Burn Food Not Books At The Free Library’s Culinary Literary Center

Over at Philebrity, you can read about The Culinary Literary Center brought to you by Jose Garces, Marc Vetri and The Free Library of Philadelphia.

Top Top Chef Nick Elmi And FLOTUS Team Up To Show That Cooks Need To Know The Maths

Back in grade school when we were sure we already knew everything, we were quick to engage in the age old “Why am I being forced to learn this, I’m never going to need it ever again?” gambit. Our points were cogent, we often cited real-world sources and anecdotes and provided example after example of […]


TV ALERT: Suppa’s Chef Georgeann Leaming On Chopped Tonight

Liberties Walk’s newest restaurant Suppa’s Chef Georgeann Leaming will be competing on tonights episode of Chopped. Though we are no friend to reality TV, Chopped is one of the less infuriating of the cooking shows. Each bottle episode is takes a cohort of four chefs and pares ‘em down one at a time as they […]

James Beard Live Stream Kitchen Cam Allows You To See How The White Bean And Venison Sausage Is Made

James Beard and Julia Child were probably patient zeros or Adam and Eve or whatever of the celebrity chef outbreak we are now living through. HQ’d in the Manhattan townhouse in which he lived, taught and fed his friends, The James Beard Foundation offeres classes and gives out awards and has shmancy dinners. The prep […]


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