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Shake Shack Going All Starbucks On Us?

The Burger n’ Fries gods have spoken: “City of Brotherly Love, thou shalt have more Shake Shack!” You heard right folks. The nouveau and quirky small chain of Shake Shack, part of NYC restaurant guru Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group, will be expanding their sweet and salty empire by adding two more locations in […]

This Moment In Beer: Very Special Brews From Narragansett, Iron Hill And Flying Fish

Narragansett Beer has announced the 2013 release of their annual spring brew, Narragansett Bock. This bock has been brewed for over 100 years, winning a silver medal at the 2011 World Beer Championship and 95 (world class) rating from Beer Advocate. The first time this stuff was brewed, Fenway Park was still two months away […]

Rita’s Will Bring Their Delicious And Strange Water Ice To SoCal

In a move that makes a colossal amount of sense, Rita’s will be opening 40 locations in the Orange County area of California over the next few years. The delicious, and sometimes amazingly strange, PA chain will be making their move to a place where they can stay open year-round, which seems like a obvious […]


Jack In the Box Thinks We Are All Snooki, Hopes We Won’t See Their Ads

Trying to get a decent cheesesteak outside of the Delaware Valley is our own personal White Whale. And though there are occasional successes, More often than not, we find ourselves staring down at a plate full of abomination while our companions gustily dine on crabcakes or barbecue or muffuletta or the myriad other local delicacies […]

Iron Hill’s Mug Club Is Now King Of The Hill Rewards Club

Earlier this year, we wrote about the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s warning to Iron Hill Brewery that their Mug Club rewards program was illegal, and asked that it be shut down, which IHB president Kevin Finn did without having to be asked twice. In a letter on the Iron Hill website, Finn said that a […]


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