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Spay-Ghetti And No Balls PAWS Benefit Tonight At The Trestle And Serrano

We are generally not amused by puns which are, with vanity plates and Chuck Lorre television programs, among the lowest forms of comedy. We will however make an exception for this worthy cause. Tonight, the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society, and The Trestle Inn and Serrano and a couple more sponsors are presenting Spay-Ghetti An evening […]

Get Yer Guac on at MANNA’s Guac-Off

In the world of the green it’s usually pretty black and white. There are those who relish a little diversity in their guacamole and there are those who think that the simple combination of avocado, garlic, cilantro, onion, tomato and lime juice is the guactastic recipe, and though you may tinker with the ratios and […]

Mark Vetri And Shake Shack? Sure, Why Not?

Though there have been (intestinal) rumblings regarding the managerial bowel loosening properties of certain Shake Shack locations, the Philadelphia jawns have thus far remained above the foamy fray. Assuming that a hamburger excursion won’t require the clearing of the day’s schedule so you can hone your Candy Crush skillz, starting tomorrow and continuing through June […]


You Gorging On Shake Shack Milkshakes Actually Makes Children Less Hungry

This entire month of May when you stop into Shake Shack and donate $2 or more to No Kid Hungry, you will receive a card for a complimentary hand-spun shake—valued at $5—redeemable on your next visit. One hundred percent of donations will benefit No Kid Hungry. As in every last penny. Thanks to an enormous […]

SHARE Food’s Mara Natkins To Speak At Weaver’s Way Co-op Friday

Friday at 6pm in the Community Room, 555 Carpenter Lane adjacent to the Mt. Airy Weavers Way location, SHARE Food Program’s Director of Development, Mara Natkins will speak to any who have assembled. The SHARE Food Program. What is the SHARE Food Program? We’re glad you asked: The SHARE Food Program is a nonprofit organization […]


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