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Spay-Ghetti And No Balls PAWS Benefit Tonight At The Trestle And Serrano

We are generally not amused by puns which are, with vanity plates and Chuck Lorre television programs, among the lowest forms of comedy. We will however make an exception for this worthy cause. Tonight, the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society, and The Trestle Inn and Serrano and a couple more sponsors are presenting Spay-Ghetti An evening […]

Get Yer Guac on at MANNA’s Guac-Off

In the world of the green it’s usually pretty black and white. There are those who relish a little diversity in their guacamole and there are those who think that the simple combination of avocado, garlic, cilantro, onion, tomato and lime juice is the guactastic recipe, and though you may tinker with the ratios and […]

Sugar Rush Dessert And Wine Tasting Fundraiser Will Fill Your Tummy And Your Soul

We love to send all y’all out for dinner. That’s a big part of our job. The only thing we might love more than that is to send you out for dessert and drinks which often are the money shots of the dinner anyway. Very rarely, we are in the position to cherry that sundae […]


Thanks To The Philadelphia Eagles, The Shamrock Shake Cures More Cancer Than It Causes

So all those drunk assholes in their “Kiss Me I’m Irish” shirts have gone home to stain their toilets green. Next time they show themselves they’ll be drunk assholes in their regular clothes. With St. Patrick’s Day in the rear view, Shamrock Shakes are another thing that will be packed away ’til next year. But […]

Red Owl’s Kick The Keg In Heels Happy Hour is 100% About The Boobies

Look, there’s a right way and a wrong way to save them boobies. Those Susan G-tards have a political agenda and really only spend 11 cents of every dollar on research, y’know, “for the cure.” That is however, more than the 8 cents on the dollar the NFL is handing over. So when the Red […]


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