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Frangelli’s Donnoli Is Delicious, But Should Be Called Cannonut

The zeitgeist is in flux. Collectively it seems, we have shifted. Time was, you’d take some dough, fry it in hot oil, inject it with some sugary compote or creme, then powder or chocolate dip the sumbitch and boom, donut. It was good. It is good. But it turns out, it’s not enough. We have […]

Baseball And Brie, Together At Last At Gunners Run

To us, the best part about dining at Gunners Run in the Piazza is that you can sit outside and be really friggin’ close to that giant TV on the wall of Schmidts Brewery. Since Kabletown has hoarked up this whole berg and has removed even the Sunday afternoon Phillies games from broadcast TV – […]

The People Want Their Gooey Grilled Cheese? They Shall Have Their Gooey Grillled Cheese

In honor of National Grilled Cheese Day, Square Peg is offering the peeps $1 Mac and Cheese “Grilled Cheese” Wedges, their way of making a hybrid of two staples in your childhood diet, Grilled Cheese and Mac and Cheese. Oh, we’re so in there, but the question is, are y’all? Square Peg, 929 Walnut St, […]


Treat Your Inner Fat Kid to Silk City’s Double Grilled Cheeseburger

Yeah, you heard us. It’s a juicy angus burger between two grilled cheese sandwiches. Thick strips of maple bacon, melt in your mouth caramelized onion and some mustard. it’s comfort food stuffed into comfort food that will have you licking the tangy juices running down your wrist. We could only eat half of this Wisconsin-threeway, […]

17th Annual Sippin’ By The River: Booze For Charity

This may be the greatest charity event in history. Sippin’ By The River is a food, wine, beer, and liquor tasting event that benefits the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America. The event will feature live music, artisan cocktails, over thirty craft beers, an “amazing assortment” of snacks and desserts, plus wine and cheese-pairing classes, […]


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