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Chhaya Cafe’s Cheesesteak Waffle Is Only Acceptable Within The Confines Of The Delaware Valley

In one of Kurt Vonnegut’s later works, Bluebeard, Rabo Karebekian goes on and on about how the abstract expressionists were able to break all those rules because they had mastered them and in some cases, invented them in the first place. It’s been a while since we read that book but we think that’s how […]

Epic Meal Time Bros Ruin Cheesesteak For All

Buzzfeed’s Advertorial, Ten Best Philly Sandwiches Could Save You 15% Off Your Journalistic Ethics

Buzzfeed has declared the 10 best sandwiches in Philadelphia and double-score, the post is sponsored by Geico. Though we may strongly disagree with the smarmy synergy, we have fewer issues with the selections. Let us know what chu think.


Even When The Meat Is Not “Diseased And Unsound” Philly Steak And Cheese Hot Pockets Are Gross

Look, we report the news. Sometimes we do it to warn and inform you, sometimes we just want you to shake your head at the misfortune of others. This case is clearly the latter. Nestle has issued what they are calling a “voluntary recall“: The voluntary recall is limited to these two products, which were […]

That Time Kevin Hart And Ice Cube Gave Away Free Cheesesteaks At Jim’s On South St.

Did you get a cheesesteak today? Philadelphia’s favorite scale model comic, Kevin Hart and chipmonk cheeked Ice Cube were handing ‘em out today at Jim’s on South Street. Mssrs. Hart and Cube are shilling for their comedic film Ride Along which opens on January 17th. [Image Via:]


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