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New Exec Chef Matt Daggett Giving Serrano Menu A Key Change

Serrano is a sentimental favorite for us, back when we were nothing but a folksinger, many of our favorite on stage experiences happened upstairs at Tin Angel. Countless times we flogged the publicity horse, touting Seranno’s food as the value added icing on the, “leaving the house and the 55-inch screen with the 500 HD […]

Mac Is the New Camac Which Is Actually The Tavern

When someone asks you, “When was the last time you ate at Tavern on Camac?” There are three possible answers; “Never”, “Not in quite a while” or, “Like, five minutes ago, I’m still full.” If your answer is anything but the third, we recommend you go to the cozy little spot underneath the piano bar […]

A Phoodie Trip to Thailand Without Leaving Your Couch

Too broke to get away this summer? Take a visual trip to Thailand with Chef Alex Boonphaya of Circles, along with Philadelphia-based food, wine and travel reporter Brian Freedman. A native of Thailand, Chef Boonphaya is exploring serious street food and specialty delicacies all over The Land of Smiles. After starting in Bangkok, the next […]


In Other Marc Vetri News…

Today must be Marc Vetri day, ’cause we have some more news about the powerhouse chef. With another restaurant in the pipeline, Vetri signed a deal today to bring his cuisine down to the Navy Yard. The spot is located in the old brig, henceforth the name The Brig, and will feature sandwiches, pastas, and […]

Vetri Re-Opening As Le Bec Fin? For Real

While there are already plans for a Le Bec Fin 2.0, Philly’s legendary restaurant finally closed its doors for good this past weekend after a drawn-out demise filled with more twists and turns than a soap opera. But it seems the legend of Le bec is not without one more twist. Old timers may remember […]


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