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UPDATED: Nutella Celebrates It’s 50th By Going On Tour In A Van

UPDATE: The Hazelnuts up at Nutella HQ have tweaked the times a little. Rather than Sunday June 29th, the truck will be at the porch at 30th Street Station Saturday, June 28th: 10am-3pm. the Parkway date of July 4th remains unchanged. Years ago we found ourselves sleeping in our van in a Walmart parking lot […]

Chocolate Shawarma Should Come To Philadelphia

Do you like gyros and chocolate and white chocolate and caramel and crepes and Israeli women who shave? Then this is the dessert you need to experience. In fact, we need to get this jawn somewhere up in this town. Solomonov, can you make a call? Additionally, we’re thinking the technology could be MacGyvered to […]

Chhaya Cafe Introduces Warmer Winter Brunch

Once February gets here it always seems like the spring is so close, but the worst is usually still to come. We’re certainly not out of the winter yet, and Varnana Beuria, chef and owner of Chhaya Cafe in East Passyunk seems to have figured out what Philadelphians need: more warm food and drink to […]


There’s A Peanut Butter Party At Devil’s Den For National Peanut Butter Day!

The headline says it all: Next Thursday, January 24th, is National Peanut Butter Day. And what better way could one celebrate peanut butter than by consuming beer, right? So, in honor of peanut butter, and its hazy origin story (turns out it was invented by the Aztecs) Devil’s Den has teamed up with Terrapin Beer […]

Try, And Share, Some New Holiday Pies From Magpie

Magpie Artisan Pie Boutique, which makes pies both sweet, as in butterscotch bourbon pie, and savory, as in black bean chorizo chili pie, has announced a new pie special for the holidays, one that certainly qualifies as sweet. Fresh for the holiday season, Magpie baker Holly Ricciardi has cooked up a deep fudge brownie pie […]


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