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Feast On Seven Fishes Now, Four Courses On New Years Eve, At Ristorante Panorama

There are only a few days left to try the Festa Dei Sette Pesci at Ristorante Panorama. The Feast of the Seven Fishes is a typically Italian way to celebrate Christmas Eve, by eating, and furthermore by eating fresh seafood. At Ristorante Panorama, the restaurant with one of the top 100 wine lists in the […]

Try, And Share, Some New Holiday Pies From Magpie

Magpie Artisan Pie Boutique, which makes pies both sweet, as in butterscotch bourbon pie, and savory, as in black bean chorizo chili pie, has announced a new pie special for the holidays, one that certainly qualifies as sweet. Fresh for the holiday season, Magpie baker Holly Ricciardi has cooked up a deep fudge brownie pie […]

Hot Cider And Bad Elves At The Devil’s Den

The Devil’s Den, celebrated gastropub, has announced its winter Cider Cocktails Collection for 2012. Throughout the winter you can get one of these hard cider drinks made with fresh mulled cider, which is cider that’s been heated near boiling and mixed with aromatics and spices. Try the Apple Jack, made with Gentleman Jack, cider, black […]


After-Christmas Boxing Day Beerfest At Memphis Taproom

We know, it feels like forever since last Boxing Day, but it’s almost here! Yes, Boxing Day is the day when employers and wealthy families traditionally give gifts to their servants/employees. In that post-Christmas spirit, Memphis Taproom wants to give its loyal customers the gift of a beer festival! There will be over a dozen […]

Troegs Mad Elf Mad Dreams at Revolution House

On December 14, one week from tomorrow, Troegs Brewing Co. will be hosting a special drunken Christmas event at Revolution House on Market Street in Old City. The event will feature Mad Elf Mad Dreams, a combination of Troegs 11% ABV Mad Elf Ale and their 4.8% ABV Dreamweaver Wheat Ale. Certainly, once you get […]


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