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This July 4th Weekend, Be Like The Founding Fathers…Drunk

As you know, back in the day, water could freeking kill you, and so Philadelphia’s citizenry, from the lowliest poopsmith up to the signers alike, spent their days hydrated by ciders and grogs and clarets and all manner of EtOH. Also, if you’re planning on waging asymmetrical warfare upon the most well-equipped, highly trained fighting […]

Right Now On Philebrity: Burn Food Not Books At The Free Library’s Culinary Literary Center

Over at Philebrity, you can read about The Culinary Literary Center brought to you by Jose Garces, Marc Vetri and The Free Library of Philadelphia.

Jerky Making Class At COOK, Sizzlechest

Jerky is awesome. It’s meat you don’t have to refrigerate, it’s portable protein, its a low-carb snack, it’s a concentration of the delicious flavors and spices that are the reason you eat food and don’t just drink Soylent. Trouble is, most mass produced jerky contains lower grade ingredients and higher grade chemicals than you’d really […]


Greensgrow Farms Shows You How Butcher A Duck

For two hours this Saturday, Gregg Ciprioni the Culinary Development Chef for The Garces Group is teaching a workshop at Greensgrow Farms up in The Fish. From noon to 14:00, you’re gonna get schooled in the art of Contemporary Mexican Cuisine: Homemade Tortillas and Duck Barbacoa. Ciprioni will be teaching about Masa de Maiz, which […]

The Wine School Of Philadelphia Wants To Teach You A Thing Or Two

The Wine School of Philadelphia has announced its fall slate of classes and some of them sound pretty cool. You already missed Wine 101 which was yesterday, but you pretty much mastered 101 back in 8th grade at your cousin’s wedding. Lets look at what the upperclassmen are taking this semester. Discover Your Wine Style: […]


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