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From The Desk Of Adam Brodsky: Who Says Birthday Cake Has To Be Birthday Cake?

So, my birthday was this past weekend. Those of you with winter birthdays prolly know of the fear and dread that accompanies your special day. As a child, a handful of my king-for-a-day days were ruined by frozen precipitation of some sort. Lacking the perspective of a grown-up, the dynamic shift of such days was […]

Mac Mart Gals Taking Important Phone Calls

Looks like the Mac Mart Gals are taking important phone calls, which as everyone knows are the precursors to taking meetings, which often lead to development deals, which lead to too much too fast too soon, which leads to snorting rails off of hookers’ abs in LA hotel rooms, which leads to burn out and […]

Last Night We Went To A Bowling Alley And A Gastropub Broke Out

Our girl really likes her some Mac and Cheese and so we end up tasting quite a fair bit of it. With the winter weather settling in for a nice long stay, the cheesy carb-laden food seems more and more comfortable every day. She’s kind of a macslut and will stick her fork into just […]


A Pretty Girl Handed Us Comfort Food From A Pink Truck In Love Park. How Was Your Day?

Yesterday the Mac Mart Cart was in Love park and the temperature was in the awesome zone and the webpage was down, having been crashed by some putz trying to upload to many high rez pictures of smoked meats and beers. So we hopped on the El and took it to city hall, crossed the […]

Twinkie Tiramisu, So Good You Almost Forget You’re Eating Twinkies

“You can’t keep a good twink down” is neither a porn title nor a statement on the digestion of partially hydrogenated foodstuffs. Previously, we told you how the humble snack cake was returning to shelves, and yesterday, marks the MacArthur moment for the spongy ittle tubes. In honor of this momentous day, we have scoured […]


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