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Philly Goes After Yuengling For Millions In Unpaid Taxes

The City of Philadelphia has filed a civil lawsuit against Yuengling Brewing Company, alleging that the company owes about $6.6 million in unpaid business taxes. That’s right, you’ve been drinking the beer of alleged tax evaders. This lawsuit might strike you as strange because Yuengling is local to Philly, but not that local. America’s oldest […]

One Of Our Readers Translated The Words From The Crazy Russian Burger King Commercial

Remember when we posted this bit of craziness last week? (Even still, it merits a WOW.) Well, a semi-fluent-in-Russian reader translated some of what’s going on here, and, well: “Here are some of the lyrics translated. “I don’t how but Whopper lights it up! LIKE THIS!”* X 3 More lyrics “The Burger King doors are […]

Commentroversy: El Camino Real And Dustin Chalermkittichai/Robinson

We couldn’t help but notice the accusatory comments still cropping up on October’s post on El Camino Real‘s new chef, Dustin Chalermkittichai, or as he goes by now, Dustin Robinson. Robinson, recent sous chef at Rouge, acknowledges in a gruff American voice that he changed his name at age 19 for reasons which he didn’t […]


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