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Burrito Burrumble:’s Local Locales, Cuchina Zapata vs. Taco Don Memo

So, Nate and the Silver Surfers are at it again. Over at Nate Silver and his team of 538 specials have set out to find America’s Best Burrito, which is noble, impossible, subjective, and awesome all at the same time. In 2007, Nate carried out the micro version of this experiment in his Chicago […]

Get Yer Guac on at MANNA’s Guac-Off

In the world of the green it’s usually pretty black and white. There are those who relish a little diversity in their guacamole and there are those who think that the simple combination of avocado, garlic, cilantro, onion, tomato and lime juice is the guactastic recipe, and though you may tinker with the ratios and […]

Ramen Rumble At CHeU Noodle Bar Just May Save America

Nation-wide, voting rights are under assault. The Supremes have gutted the Voting Rights act of 1965, nullifying section five which kept stricter standards on nine southern states whose past actions should be their everlasting embarrassment. Quick on the heels of that decision, throughout the south and of course here in PA – The Mississippi Of The […]


Tito’s and You’ve Changed Say, “Mr. Gorbachov, Tear Down This Mule.”

Years previous, just as Picasso worked blue for a time, we went through a copper phase. We ordered rolls of the stuff and using special snips, sheared and flattened and adorned our kitchen cabinetry with the genuine article. Years on, the patina is actually quite lovely, save the unaltered edges where we displayed less precision […]

Just Like Our Favorite Teenage Memories, Jews And Christians To Get Drunk And Get It On In Biblical Beer Smackdown

Saturday, May 10th at Rodeph Sholom, The He-brews of Men of RS Broad Street Brewers will take on the Angeli-cans of St. Timothy’s Episcopal’s Church Basement Brewery in a battle that is sure to make Mormons and Muslims equally sad. At 6pm at Rodeph Sholom – curiously two hours before shabbat is over – there […]


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