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Fishtown Neighbors Association Chili Cook-Off Doin’ It All For The Shorties.

At the Fishtown Neighbors Association’s 4th annual chili cook off, March went out like a lamb, and a bison and a chicken and a jerk chicken and a bunch of pigs and an alligator and even a sweet potato and some kidney beans. There were hundreds of people through the door and the figures aren’t […]

Super Bowl Sunday Chili Cookoff At Lost Bar Is Pure Balls

Last year at this time, over 113 million Americans watched the Super Bowl. That means around 203 million people didn’t. The feeling is understandable. Even when the Super Bowl is a good game, it’s a pretty shitty game to watch. The hype and the Godaddy commercials and the parties full of people who couldn’t tell […]

Pure Imagination: Find A Golden Ticket For Your Chance At Free Fried Chicken For Life

Just two days after the 4th of July, there is another notable holiday to be celebrated, known as National Fried Chicken Day. In honor of this splendid July 6th holiday, Federal Donuts will be doing big things. At both the Center City and South Philly locations, Federal Donuts will be giving out a total of […]


Ja Ja For BRÜ Craft & Wurst!

Damen und herren (Ladies and gents), why head to your standardized neighborhood bar, when you can party like you’re straight out of Deutschland? Now that BRÜ Craft & Wurst Biergarten and Wursthaus will be hosting their grand opening tomorrow, you get to chase beer maidens and an enter a food coma with all the German […]

Win Tickets To The Brewer’s Plate!

The Brewer’s Plate — the great, yearly celebration of our region’s craft breweries, restaurants, farmers, and artisanal producers — is nearly upon us, to be held March 10th, beginning at 6PM at The National Constitution Center. Now in its 9th year, the event, brought to you by Fair Food, is always a great time, and […]


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