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Even When The Meat Is Not “Diseased And Unsound” Philly Steak And Cheese Hot Pockets Are Gross

Look, we report the news. Sometimes we do it to warn and inform you, sometimes we just want you to shake your head at the misfortune of others. This case is clearly the latter. Nestle has issued what they are calling a “voluntary recall“: The voluntary recall is limited to these two products, which were […]

It’s A Good Thing Gays Don’t Eat Carbs Anymore

By now your Facebook is exploding as everyone from your grandmother to your roller derby team reposts the dumbass comments by the dumbass fourth generation CEO of Barilla Pasta, Guido Barilla which is not just his name but his descriptor as well. Here’s what the einstein uttered into a microphone on an Italian radio show […]

Pennsylvania, The only Northern State Feeding Pink Slime To Its Students

When you live in the Mississippi of the North™, headlines like, “Schools in seven states are ordering lean finely textured beef from the USDA.” bring up that fearful lump like when you were called on in Algebra class, your mind having drifted from quadratic equations to the geometry of Suzanne Palumbo’s ass which you’re pretty […]


Never Forget…The King Of Beers

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