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Cedar Point Going South, But Just Barely

This Thursday July 10th, from 5-10pm The Cedar Point Bar and Kitchen will be dipping a toe south of Maxon/Dixon, but just barely. Their Maryland themed evening will include: Crab stuffed deviled eggs Oysters on the half shell Old Bay fries Blue Crab boil Veggie crab cake platter And Smith Island Cake and Lord Baltimore […]

Soft Shell Crab Tasting Menu At Matyson

Eating crabs is a little conundrumic. On one hand you feel a bit like a gluttonous regal as you methodically crack your way through swimmerets and claws and back fins, flecks of old bay and crab flesh dotting your rough hands; to your left an ever growing pile of crustacean husks stack up like vanquished […]

Dept. Of Meaningless Lists: Chickie’s And Pete’s Makes Top Ten Sports Bars In America

In other news, the sky is blue. Firstly, let us say we understand that there are people who aren’t exactly “sports bar types” (in fact, we’re like that), but you cannot heap enough praise on the gloriously addictive crab fries at Chickie’s And Pete’s. That is why, among other reasons, Chickie’s and Pete’s has come […]


We Politely Encourage You To Get The Good Kind Of Crabs

If you’re not too full from brunch at Matyson, why not head back for dinner? Beginning this Sunday, June 3rd, Chef Ben Puchowitz is introducing a new Sunday Dinner Service that will feature Soft Shell Crabs as part of its rotating prixe fixe menu. The menu will change weekly, but the crabs will be a […]

Science Discovers New Species Of Crab

And it’s purple And, we hate to admit it, but we really just want to eat that guy. We know it’s a new species and it’s a great discovery and all that but it’s almost summer, and we’re craving crabs something fierce, so come on science; let us eat it. Or at the very least […]


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