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Now Open: Lox, Stock & Barrel (Get It?)

There’s not a whole lot going on when it comes to dining in the Parkway/ Logan Square area. Ok, there is Whole Foods but who really wants to scarf down possibly mislabeled take-out in a grocery store? Restauranteur Jeff Katz recognized the need for more options and siezed the opportunity by recently opening Lox, Stock […]

Wing Bowl Vet Hammers Massive Corned Beef Thing In Just Six Minutes At Delicatessen

Gluttonous Maximus – Pastrami Eating Contest at DelicatessenUploaded by Woodshopfilms. – Full seasons and entire episodes online. Whoa.

Are You Man/Woman Enough For The All Come At The Same Time Salad?

Everybody happy. We finally dipped into Delicatessen for lunch today, and to put it blunty, it completely destroyed us with its deep Jewish deli goodness. While the latkes were divine and the French onion soup with cheesy croutons and the wasabi cream cheese and the house-cured corn beef were all very real emotional experiences, it […]


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