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Phoodie Desert Island: Drew Lazor Of Meal Ticket

Meal Ticket has become the go-to spot for breaking news in the world of Philadelphia food. That shit doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s all due to the hardest working man in food blogging today, Drew Lazor. He’s everywhere at once, he’s FOOD BATMAN. He’s not all business, though, as his notorious Top Chef Recaps are often better than […]

Phoodie Desert Island: Jennie Hatton

Behind every great story is an even better PR rep. And there are none better than the lady seen above, Jennie Hatton of Profile Public Relations. As a finalist for our Phoodie Person Of The Year, she has been nicknamed “The Puppet Master”. She reps some of the best and brightest in town, including Iron […]

Phoodie Desert Island: Joy Manning Of Philly Mag

Seen above is an artist’s rendering of what we believe Joy Manning to look like. In the top right corner you will see her now famous ‘pixelated byline pic’ to keep her anonymity. But when reading her work, we imagine a breathy, sultry vixen running past Vetri every morning just to keep her culinary feet planted […]


Phoodie Desert Island: Felicia D’Ambrosio Of Meal Ticket

Today we continue our time on the Phoodie Desert Island. If you’re just now catching up, check out our kickoff piece featuring Tom Peters of Monk’s Cafe. If you don’t know the game, we shouldn’t be friends, but here’s a refresher. There’s a terrible plane crash and you’re stuck alone on a desert island. The […]

Phoodie Desert Island: Tom Peters Of Monk’s Cafe

Today marks the launch of one of our new features, Phoodie Desert Island. In the coming weeks, we will peer into the evil which lurks in the hearts of foodies from around town: chefs, writers, bloggers, and restaurateurs alike. If you don’t know the game, we shouldn’t be friends, but here’s a refresher. There’s a terrible […]


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