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Phoodie Recipe Corner: Lord Baltimore Cake, Shrugging Off The Yolk Of Oppression

So, what exactly is Lord Baltimore Cake? We’re glad you asked because we just did like 10 minutes of research into this cake of which we’ve heard but never bothered to learn about. Here’s the folklore; and as you know, if some folklorist said it, then it’s pravda. So Lord Baltimore was Governor of Maryland […]

Frangelli’s Donnoli Is Delicious, But Should Be Called Cannonut

The zeitgeist is in flux. Collectively it seems, we have shifted. Time was, you’d take some dough, fry it in hot oil, inject it with some sugary compote or creme, then powder or chocolate dip the sumbitch and boom, donut. It was good. It is good. But it turns out, it’s not enough. We have […]

Sugar Rush Dessert And Wine Tasting Fundraiser Will Fill Your Tummy And Your Soul

We love to send all y’all out for dinner. That’s a big part of our job. The only thing we might love more than that is to send you out for dessert and drinks which often are the money shots of the dinner anyway. Very rarely, we are in the position to cherry that sundae […]


From The Desk Of Adam Brodsky And The D’oh Files: Culturally Insensitive Jackass, Your Table For One Is Ready

Couple weeks ago, I found this cool video of the homemade Cambodian desserts at Koliyan. I posted the video and made a little crack about how “Cambodian Just Desserts” sounds like a the text of a memo from the desk of Richard Nixon, or something, and then I casually typed the headline “Pol Pot Stickers.” […]

Lunch Break: Akutuq, It’s Not Just For Inuits Anymore

Mmmm…whipped caribou fat. This is supposed to be an Alaskan dessert, but we’re not really clear how fat and boiled meat=sweetness.


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